Basically, there are two ways to do marketing: Push and pull!

In push-marketing you force commercial messages to potential customers. But you also interrupt them in whatever they were focusing on. You have a good offering that most people ignore, but a few instantly responds to. That gives a short-term impact.
Or you can use pull-marketing and go for attracting the attention of the customers, when they need it.

That’s the essence of content marketing: To help, inspire and educate potential customers to make good buying decisions. The sales messaging is in the background in favor of content that guides the audience and creates preference for your brand while creating demand.

Marketing is not in balance

I believe that there is way too much “push” and too little “pull” in marketing.

I’ve built Content Marketing DK and publish content about this field on a regular basis, because marketing should guide and provide answers rather than disturb and be annoying.

Content Marketing DK brings you the most recent trends, news and cases about content marketing. The website has been running since 2011 and contains +200 articles about content marketing. Thus, it has become the go-to-resource for content marketing in Denmark.

Mission Statement for Content Marketing DK

Any company should ask themselves about their reason for being in business and how they can help their customers. At Content Marketing DK the mission statement sounds as follow:

Content Marketing DK helps companies rethink the way their marketing is done. Nobody likes interrupting advertising. That’s why Content Marketing DK inspires, implements and assists when creating and promoting content that builds trust and long-term customer relations.

The founder of Content Marketing DK

Joakim Ditlev - Content marketing ekspert
My name is Joakim Ditlev, and I run this one-man band located in Denmark called Content Marketing DK. With a MA in Information Studies from the University of Aarhus, I learned a lot of theory, rhetoric and naturally, places to get cheap beers. But theory is really not my game. I’m a strong believer of networking, DIY, and thinking out of the box. From building, managing and promoting a good deal of websites and blogs during my career, I know how to create tasty web content. I know how to promote it. I know how to measure the results.

I have published several books about content marketing:
Content Marketing Bogen is by far the most popular book about the topic in Denmark. In 2020 a third edition was published – keeping up with the everchanging marketing world.

Content Inc. is an international bestseller for content entrepreneurs sold in more than 100.000 copies. I helped Joe Pulizzi doing research and interviews for the updated 2nd edition, which I also published as an audio book in Danish.

Ultimately, I’m driven by the idea that companies can do good to their customers through useful and relevant content. And I’m convinced that lot of companies are great at what they do and know a lot about it, but they lack knowledge about how to convert their expertise into business.

Please contact me if you have questions. I’m active on Twitter and on on LinkedIn.